Elite Equine Nutrition

Elite Equine is High Performance Nutrition. Our flagship formulas offer total system support covering all bases in a single supplement. They comprise of the highest quality 100% organic minerals ensuring maximum bio-availability.

Customers enjoy reduced feed bills, reduced expenditure on multiple supplements, better hoof health, gut health, improved condition, calmer, more focused horses, finer, shinier coats, reduced photosensitivity and less skin conditions, including stubborn mud fever cases.

Elite Equine’s difference is the quality of the raw ingredients. The minerals are all in ‘protienate’ form which are incredibly stable in gut acid and equally easily digested and broken down to be utilized. They are 100% absorbable and non-toxic. They are ‘organic’ which refers to the chemistry of the mineral, the structure of the molecule and how the body reacts to it. This means increased bioavailabilty from tub to cellular level. There are different quality levels of organics - the highest quality being a proteinate, which are used exclusively in Elite Equine formulas.


  • Gleaming coat                                          
  • Mud Fever/warts gone!
  • Better condition & top line                       
  • Reduced Feed bill
  • More muscle & strength                           
  • More focused
  • Better hoof quality
  • Finer/darker coats that shed earlier
  • Less skin photosensitivity

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Elite Equine - Compete

Elite Equine - Compete



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