Breeches without breaking the Bank

Breeches are an absolute staple of any equestrian's wardrobe. I don't know about you but I've got tons of them, different cuts, different weights, full seat, silicon grip and the holy grail of my 'go to' pair of navy breeches that always make me feel incredible.

Over the years, I've tried what must be hundreds of pairs - they've been too long in the leg, too low cut, too high waisted, or just not flattering. I've been told I need to buy a specific brand for £300+ to get the perfect fit and grip. Sound familiar?

Well, I can tell you - thats not the case. You absolutely CAN spend that sort of money on breeches if you want, I have and have loved them. That doesn't mean you HAVE to in order to get the fit and quality you want. 

La Valencio have have been one of our core brands since the very beginning simply because we absolutely adore the rider wear they offer, especially the breeches. They come in at under £90 a pair - we've actually been able to freeze the price at £85 for the last couple of seasons which has been brilliant value for money.

Each style features a full or knee grip in the very popular gel/silicon grip  - more recently the brand have gone a bit wild and branches out into using script as the pattern for the grip, or lettering as knee grip which has added a nice touch. It provides stickability but still gives the freedom to move around in the saddle without feeling tied down - it's come in more than useful when riding fresh babies lately!


 We've worn the breeches year round in all weathers - the technical fabric is great at keeping riders cooler when the weather is warmer and the fleece lined range of softshell breeches are an absolute winter wardrobe must have.

The sizing is fantastic - they're the perfect mid rise waist and seem to have the amazing ability to fit all shapes and sizes of rider. We both ride in them day in day out, as well as for competitions as do our sponsored riders - we're hard pressed to get them into anything else!

Sponsored rider Fran adores her many pairs - "These are so comfortable, the stretch material moulds to you as you move so by the time you get on board there’s no awkward wriggling around to get seated. They're covered in gorgeous detailing and with a full silicon print seat these are just amazing"

This season, the brand have really excelled themselves with a stunning range of glitter fabric breeches which are available in black, navy and classic white. Perfect for dressage divas!

Have you tried any of the La Valencio breeches? Let us know your thoughts!



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