Elite Equine NZ - Nutrition, but better!

Elite Equine NZ - Nutrition, but better!

Back in 2016, we were just two years into Equissentials Dressage - & launched Elite Equine NZ products into our store.

They'd previously been sucessfully marketed in the UK by an international rider, but that relationship had ended and Elite Equine NZ were looking for a new retailer. We'd seen massive sucess with the product on our own horses, and the testimonals both in the UK and worldwide were phenomenal. So we jumped right in..

We were able to import it - but we realised that air shipping half way round the world was so expensive that it wasnt an option, but sea transport just wasnt reliable enough to allow us to keep stock and regularly supply customers.

Fast forward a few years, and here we are. Elite Equine NZ is now being produced in the UK following a brand relocation, and we are BACK with a bang.

We'll be stocking ALL of the amazing products as they come into production, and I'm on hand to support you to get the right products for your horse.

Mega Build is available right now.. 

The leading conditioning amino acid supplement for supporting muscle development, recovery from training and competition, and supports gastric health.

Mega Build contains 18 amino acids - a full profile of concentrated amino acids for enhanced protein digestion and muscle development and repair.

It also provides 

Nucleotides which are organic molecules that are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. They also have functions related to cell signaling, metabolism, and enzyme reactions. They improve cell transfer and nutrient absorbtion and help improve digestion. Healing is accelerated.

Organic chromium which supports the development of muscle and sugar metabolism, and an added probiotic improves hind gut performance and digestion, and stablises bacterial balance helping to prevent laminitis and other issues caused by bacterial die off in the hind gut.

What does it give me?

Better health and feed utilisation - better coat and hoof quality.

Improved gut performance.

Faster more stable healing from all aspects & better recovery afer exertion.

Improved top line or lean muscle depending on the workload and breed of the horse.


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