Pikeur Size Guides

Pikeur Size Guides

Searching for that perfect pair of breeches - feels imposible sometimes doesn't it?

You want to feel stylish, but want to be comfortable whilst in the saddle. You dont want any bits digging into places they shouldn't making you uncomfortable whilst training hard. You definately want breathable fabrics, that make you feel secure in the saddle whether your a leggings or a breeches fan.

For those of you blessed with legs that go on forever, - thats sadly not me - we can order in Pikeur breeches in the longer length. Aimed for ladies who are 5'9 upwards, they have an extra 2-3cm in the leg length making sure your ankles arent exposed! 


Want to pair your breeches with that perfect training shirt, casual tee shirt or stylish sweatshirt? We've got you covered - you'll find the guides to chest and length measurements in our handy quick glance guides!

Need any help with sizing or just want some advice on what might suit best? Feel free to reach out and take advantage of our hands on expertise with Pikeur collections.

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