Spotlight on.. PS of Sweden saddlepads

When it comes to saddlepads, the choices are seemingly endless – you’ve got options around the brand you choose, the colour, the cut and style. Its no surprise sometimes our customers feel overwhelmed and look to us to advise.
We stock a carefully selected range of brands at Equissentials Dressage; everything we stock has been tried and tested on our own horses – often long before we put it on our shelves. One of the most popular matchy brands is PS of Sweden; and it’s a firm favourite amongst our own horses as well.
PS of Sweden saddlepads have a super luxury style, the monogram quilting and sleek metal logo just screams of the premium quality yet they’re hardy enough for everyday use.
The exterior of the pad is finished in a slightly glossy dust repellent material which gives it a lovely sheen in photos and helps any dust or shavings debris just brush off. The underside is a super soft mesh material which allows an element of breathability but also wicks away moisture to help keep the horse comfortable when working – no one wants sticky sweaty clothes clinging in the gym, so why would the horses like it?
One of the most innovative features of the pads, and perhaps the one that people notice first is the lack of front straps – instead, the pads have a unique ‘riser’ to prevent the saddle slipping forward but making the saddlepad suitable for all styles of saddle rather than making it difficult for those who own mono flaps and don’t want to hack straps off!
I have these saddlepads on a native pony with a barrel shaped body, no wither and a huge shoulder and they don’t move an inch which is a massive help given everything seems to just roll around her barrel body!
International dressage rider Fenella Quinn is a huge fan of the brand ‘With monoflap saddles and nowhere to attach front straps other brands will sometimes slip whilst riding but the PS of Sweden pad stay perfectly in place. Plus, they’re beautiful designs and nicely cushioned so the horses get the best comfort too!’
The brand release two collections a year; with a smaller release twice a year in between the main collections and offer a massive range of colours across the spectrum.
This season’s spring 20 collection has given us the more classic Charcoal, Walnut and Sage shades which contrast sharply with the bright pops of Cranberry, Blueberry and Vanilla. They’re really catered for all tastes and everything in between.
You can accessorise to your hearts content with this brand, in addition to the polo bandages they’ve recently introduced matching boots and over reach boots to complement some of the saddlepad colours.
The colour options also extend to the rider wear collections with a selection of matching breeches, base layers and polo shirts as well as jacket options for the autumn and winter – we can’t wait to introduce more of the rider wear to our shelves as it gets rave reviews from the clients we’ve ordered it for and we’ve loved the pieces we’ve tested.
Sponsored rider Fran Turner uses the cob size on her 13hh Welsh pony 'Raf' - pictured below in Cranberry. 'The PS of Sweden pads wear fantastically, they never crease or fade and look brand new even after a few years of use - the added bonus is that the smaller cob and pony sizes are perfectly scaled down versions of the full size pads; perfect for the smaller matchy divas'
Each colour option in the saddlepads had its own quote embroidered down the spine which is great fun and adds a little something extra I’ve not seen from the other brands. I particularly love the “Don’t just fly, Soar” on the classic black monogram pad.
In terms of wearability and washing; these pads are absolutely unrivalled. I have some in my collection that are at least 4 years old and have been used regularly that look amazing. The fabric doesn’t bobble or pull.
They’re definitely one we’d recommend if you’ve never tried them
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