Haas Brushes - Grey Pack
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Haas Brushes - Grey Pack

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Designed for grey or coloured horses with the majority white coat.

This luxurious brush collection is designed to give the best possible finish when grooming coarser grey, white and coloured hair which is often greasier than other colours. 

Brush 1 is designed to remove the layer of dust, dead skin and dirt closest to the skin, lifting it off the skin and into the coat to give a deep clean. It is excellent at removing stable and field stains, lifting the dirt from deep in the coat to the top layers for easy removal.

Brush 2 removes the layer of oil and sweat from deep in the coat removing the residue that is often found in lighter coats.

Brush 3 removes the residue from the top layer of the hair, smoothing it to a glossy finish.

The final brush smooths the coat and polishes for a show ready sparkle.

The final Diva brush is available in either the pink or black version. Please select which you'd like when checking out.

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