Ps of Sweden -High Jump Bridle
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Ps of Sweden -High Jump Bridle

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PS of Sweden is the world leader in anatomical bridles. FEI legal, and suitable for all affiliated competition (NB: Some governing bodies insist the bridle is used with a throatlash)

Designed to increase pressure distribution across the horse's head and avoid the sensitive pressure points of the face - this bridle is the ultimate in horse comfort. A truly innovative design, it avoids the facial nerves, upper jaw and cheek bones and can make a huge difference to a horse's way of going through elimination of discomfort caused by a more traditional bridle.

The noseband also features a whole new design. It does not put any pressure on the teeth from the outside which reduces possible bit-related issues. The bows that lie over the bridge of the nose are flexible so you can always ensure a perfect custom fit for every horse. The noseband has a decorative seam and is fastened with a hook. The hook can easily be removed for a traditional pull-back fastening. 

It is cut back to avoid pressure on the base of the ears, supports a more stable jaw and has a unique cradle design enabling the bit and therefore contact to be softer and more consistent in the horse's mouth.

Hire option available on this bridle - try the bridle, if you return within 2 weeks of your purchase date we refund you less £25. 

Bridles must be returned cleaned and undamaged - repairs will be charged at cost unless deemed beyond repair in which case a replacement will be charged for. Bridles returned uncleaned are subject to £15 cleaning fee.

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