Dressing your body shape - guide to breeches

Searching for that perfect pair of breeches can be a bit like finding an outfit for your ex's wedding, or that perfect pair of jeans for that night out. Feels imposible sometimes doesn't it?

You want to feel stylish, but want to be comfortable whilst in the saddle. You dont want any bits digging into places they shouldn't making you uncomfortable whilst training hard.

So, I've created this easy 'how to' guide to help you shop for the perfect fit breeches to suit every body shape. We work with riders of all shapes and sizes, advising on fit and sizing, because its important to us that you look and feel amazing when riding!

Taller & leggy

For those of you blessed with legs that go on forever, we can order in Pikeur breeches in the longer length. Aimed for ladies who are 5'9 upwards, they have an extra 2-3cm in the leg length making sure your ankles arent exposed!

Shorter & Petite

If you're shorter and generally shop in petite ranges on the high street, you'd find the childrens styles a good choice - we can order these in for you too.

Don't panic, the Pikeur childrens range are usually similar styles to the Adult range, so you'll get the same classic, stylish designs just in a scaled down size.

Sized according to height, it can be a bit confusing - but as a guide, we'd suggest that a 164cm is approximately a UK6 dress size, but if you're curvier you may want to size up.

Curvy hips & bum

If you're lucky enough to have a classic hourglass or pear shaped figure, we've got you covered.

A higher waist style is a good choice to highlight that tiny waist and give you the most comfortable feel. If you don't like to a high waist, a mid waist would also work well to flatter your curves.

Boyish or Slim

For those of you who have a slim, althletic or boyish figure the slimmer cut styles of breeches are perfect. Lower rise waists are also flattering on this body shape .

Every body shape

If you're looking for something to flatter your body, no matter your shape or size - then riding leggings are a popular choice. Wearable everyhwere, theyre the equestrian take on the popular yoga pant/active wear trend and have a stretchy elastic waistband to provide a flexible and comfortable fit.

In the descrition for all our breeches from all the brands we stock, you'll find details of the cut, style and fit. So whether they're Pikeur breeches, Kingsland leggings, PS of Sweden tights - we've a style thats perfect for you.

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