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Epiony Heat Pad - Plus

Epiony Heat Pad - Plus

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Designed for use on both riders and horses, the Epiony heat pad plus is the ultimate feel good therapy product for the yard - two times bigger than the original heat pad, for maximum impact.

Made from a super soft, flexible and wipe clean faux leather the Heat Pad runs off a 12 volt smart lithium ion battery and has four temperature settings to switch between. Lined with heat resistant insulation wadding to trap and reflect the heat back onto the muscles to soothe and relax them it is the perfect addition to a warm up or cool down routine.

The heat pad and battery comes packaged in a zip closure carry bag, with a neoprene waist belt and elastic sircingle to secure the pad to almost any body part. Charger is included.

The battery has an inbuilt safety feature where it will automatically switch off if it becomes over heated and it can be taken off the pad for charge or attached to the neoprene belt if required.

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