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PS of Sweden - Nirak Bridle

PS of Sweden - Nirak Bridle

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PS of Sweden is the world leader in anatomical bridles. FEI legal, and suitable for all affiliated competition (NB: Some governing bodies insist the bridle is used with a throatlash)

Designed to increase pressure distribution across the horse's head and avoid the sensitive pressure points of the face - this bridle is the ultimate in horse comfort. A truly innovative design, it avoids the facial nerves, upper jaw and cheek bones and can make a huge difference to a horse's way of going through elimination of discomfort caused by a more traditional bridle.

The adjustable noseband gives the rider an opportunity to choose how much pressure to apply on the nose. It helps the horse to accept the bit and is a perfect bridle for both the young horse who's still learning to communicate with the rider as well as for the type of horse who tries to avoid contact with the rider's hand and rather folds in the neck too much.

The bridle is also suitable for very forward going horses since it helps the rider to regulate the horse's speed without putting a sharp bit in the mouth or getting a hand that's too strong. The Nirak™ bridle combined with a suitable bit brings a peaceful communication between the horse and rider. The noseband doesn't add any pressure on the teeth therefore reduces possible bit-related issues.

Thanks to the cross-sectional design, the cheek pieces are kept away from the eyes and the jaw strap is extra padded for increased stability and comfort. The noseband has raw hide on the inside to hold its shape away from the sensitive nerve endings of the nasal bone. It also features a built in soft pillow to increase the noseband's stability.
It closes easily with the padded pullback strap featuring a ring for greater freedom of the jaw, and an easy on/off snap that is easily removed for competition.
Recommended for horses that: -
  • Are young or inexperienced
  • Need extra support and stabilization
  • Travel inverted Extra features
  • Avoids pressure - Three different positions/effects available for the noseband
  • Leaves the sensitive nerve endings free
  • Pullback strap with snap hook

Flat, English, vegetable tanned leather

FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplines.

Sold with plain leather browband.


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