• PS of Sweden - High Jump Bridle - (BROWN)

 PS of Sweden Jump Off bridle.

PS of Sweden is the world leader in anatomical bridles. FEI legal, and suitable for all affiliated competition (NB Some governing bodies insist the bridle is used with a throatlash) Designed to increase pressure distribution across the horse's head and avoid the sensitive pressure points of the face - this bridle is the ultimate in horse comfort. A truly innovative design, it avoids the facial nerves, upper jaw and cheek bones and can make a huge difference to a horse's way of going through elimination of discomfort caused by a more traditional bridle. It is cut back to avoid pressure on the base of the ears, supports a more stable jaw and has a unique cradle design enabling the bit and therefore contact to be softer and more consistent in the horse's mouth.

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PS of Sweden - High Jump Bridle - (BROWN)

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