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Elite Equine Nutrition - Gastro Go

Elite Equine Nutrition - Gastro Go

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Gastro Go - a 3 in one, natural botanical formula to promote a healthy, optimised gastric system.

Gastro Go can be used to support healing of gastric ulcers or excess acid production, or as a daily supplement to help maintain good gastric health and address imbalances in the gut.

It is formulated to improve gastric comfort fast, often resulting in a more positive tempremant as gastric discomfort has proven links to irritability,  girthiness, relunctance to be groomed, poor perfromance under saddle, and mild colic type symptoms.

Live culture pro bioticsare included in every scoop to repopulate the gastric system and gut with the right healthy bacteria.

Provides a gentle buffer to stomach PH; without adding extra calcium. Calcium is a popular buffer used in gastric products, but the calcium:phosphorus ratio is one of the most important mineral balances in horse health. Disrupting this beyond the optium can inhibit the absorption of other vital minerals. Gastro Go is forumlated to be safe for long term use and avoid disrupting the calcium:phosphorus ratio.

Can be mixed as a liquid and syringe fed, or added to a normal feed ration as a powder.

Feeding Rate:

1KG will provide a 25 day supply for a horse at the recommended dose.

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