Breeches vs Riding Leggings...

Breeches vs Riding Leggings...

.. the debate rolls on!! 

Are you team breeches or team leggings? 

Even the most hardcore of traditionalists will have noticed, if not partaken, in the current explosion of riding leggings in the equestrian world of late. Kingsland, Eskadron, Pikeur and PS of Sweden have all branched out and created the sporty sleek riding leggings in addition to thier breeches range.

What's the difference?

Leggings are usually crafted from sporty technical fabrics - often akin to gym style clothing - or 'athleisure' to coin a popular phrase. Designed to feel like a second skin, they are lightweight and stretchy for the summer months and updated with brushed cotton or fleece linings to take them into autumn. 

Benefiting from the same full or knee grip options; leggings normally offer a silicon grip as opposed to more traditional suede or faux leather seats.

Breeches on the other hand are more traditional in thier structure - available in a range of fabrics including softshell water resistent. Less stretchy than thier leggings sibling; they're ideal for those riders who prefer a more supportive feel when riding.

Breeches will often offer a range of fits - low rise as per the Pikeur Laure right through to the super high rise Candela.

Regardless of your preference or choice, we've got you covered!

Hayley xoxo

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