Elite Equine Compete & Gastro Go

Elite Equine Compete & Gastro Go

.. Elite Equine NZ is back, and we have the full range of products available.

The response to Mega Build has been amazing, and I can't wait to see those before and after photos. I've already seen some remarkable results on my own horses.

Compete and Gastro Go are now in production, and the first bags have landed with us for shipment.

Are you looking to provide your horse with high quality, proven nutritional support?

Gastro Go

Does your horse display signs of gastric discomfort such as being girthy, fussy feeding, loose droppings, gassy or has suffered with ulcers in the past?

🌟Gastro Go🌟 Packed full to the brim of ingredients that promote positive gut health and comfort, it gently buffers the PH in the stomach and digestive tract, and includes live culture probiotics to introduce good bacteria back into the horses system.

A natural botanical formula to promote a healthy, optimised gastric system.

Gastro Go can be used to support healing of gastric ulcers or excess acid production, or as a daily supplement to help maintain good gastric health and address imbalances in the gut.


Are you looking to support your horses entire system with the right organic minerals, pre and pro bitoics - all in ONE easy to feed bag?
🌟Compete🌟 A total system support nutritional supplement to provide everything your horse needs to perform and look the picture of health.
Improved skin, coat and hoof condition, better muscle function and recovery, improved susceptibility and recovery from mud fever, thrush, cellulitis and sweet itch whilst supplying ALL your horses mineral requirements in one palatable scoop!
The all round super supplement providing total system support for horses - especially those in harder work or competition.
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