Guest Post - Equestrian Reality on Eskadron Classic Sports Spring 21

Guest Post - Equestrian Reality on Eskadron Classic Sports Spring 21

Lorna from popular facebook page 'Equestrian Reality' guest blogs for us and shares her thoughts on the new seaon Eskadron Classic Sports collection.

Lorna runs her facebook page charting her life as an Irish equestrian sharing all the things you just don't get in the stable management books!

Over to Lorna...

This Spring season has seen the release of Eskadron’s Classic Sport 2021 collection. Always a popular release, this collection is a perfect transition from Winter to Spring / Summer and includes something for everyone.

The range includes a wide variety of saddle pads with matching and complimenting bandages, boots, fly veils and headcollars.

Eskadron are well know for the variety of cuts, fabrics, textures and finishes in their collections. Classic Sports 21 is no different - showcasing saddle pads in velvet, cotton, dura woven and glossy fabrics accented with diamonte, sheepskin and corded bindings. The fly veils are beautifully designed with a subtle diamonte trim which glints in the light - perfect for the matchy dressage diva or the sparkly showjumpers out there!

The colour palette is reflective of Spring with a splash of colour while still catering to those who prefer a neutral palette. The four colours offered in this collection are sure to have something to appeal to everyone

Rouge is a romantic tulip pink which falls somewhere between Rosewood and Coral. This is a real spring colour and is fresh and bright enough to pop on most horse coats without appearing too much

Balsam Green - This fresh and natural shade has been widely hailed as the hero of the collection and has been hugely popular in all its guises. This green will draw comparisons with the older season PS of Sweden green shades - mint, seagrass and litchen and it is different to but reminiscent of the very popular Eskadron Seapine Green. This is a refreshing colour that pairs well with tender taupe.

Call me a purist but I believe there is always a place for a well tailored rich navy shade in every equestrian wardrobe. For more conservative riders navy offers an easy transition from winter as its warmer than black but still simple and easy to match., Classic sports Navy is beautifully accented by a variety of finishing touches such sheepskin wither pads, diamonte and corded bindings across the range of pads on offer. The inclusion of such a beautiful and simple colour invites complimenting it with a fly veil, boots or bandages in one of the other shades on offer for a pop of colour. In particular navy is a beautiful companion to tender taupe.

Tender taupe - It would be easy to file tender taupe away under “just another neutral shade” but that would be a mistake. Tender taupe fits wonderfully into the neutral spectrum with its deeper than cream but not quite beige not quite brown colour pay off. It’s a beautiful warm colour that is best described as sand glittering in the sun.

The boots are the highlight of the collection for me as they have a glossy shimmering finish and will match to so many colours such as PS of Sweden sand and beige, the fact they're mesh means they're perfectly breathable for all year round and lightweight on the horses legs.

This is a lovely shade option for anyone competing who wants to make a departure from formal white.

Eskadron have really stolen the show with this collection, the question is, which colour is for you?





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