Spotlight on.. PS of Sweden Bridles

Spotlight on.. PS of Sweden Bridles

PS of Sweden is the world leader in the design and creation of anatomical bridles – with a brand ethos that encompasses the innovative nature of the brand and their absolute certainty that they’ll be at the forefront of performance horsewear – its not difficult to see why so many riders have them hanging in the tack room.

Each bridle design is subject to a rigorous design and development programme, which takes around 10 months on average, to ensure they truly are the best they can be for horse comfort and performance. Crafted from the finest English leather, each design is unique and aims to deliver the maximum comfort to the horse by avoiding sensitive facial nerves and pressure points.

Each design is suited to relieving a particular pressure point, supporting the correction of a specific behaviour or simply just designed to offer the best possible support for training a particular discipline.

Each design can be bought as a bridle – or as a standalone noseband. The headpiece can also be bought individually. Sweden recommend the bridles are used as a complete set up for maximum benefit, but the noseband option gives flexibility and freedom for riders to switch between styles for different disciplines and activities.

Bridles are available from Equissentials Dressage to purchase – and we also offer a no obligation 14 day trial service on some of the more popular styles.

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