Spotlight on.. Rider By Horse

Spotlight on.. Rider By Horse

We first brought the super stylish Danish brand ‘Rider by Horse’ to the UK in 2015 and were the first UK retailer to stock the brand. Since then, we’ve worked closely with the brand owner to grow a UK following of this fantastic range – and its really not hard to see why it quite literally flies out each season. If you’re new to ‘matchy’ or the brand ,let me tell you why its so flippin’ amazing!

The brand focuses on optimum performance for the horse and has a really clever wick lining and vented spine design. You’d be forgiven for thinking the super cool features would come at a cost to the fashion side of the coin – you’d be so wrong! The designs are gorgeous, bright colours, glossy finishes, subtle sparkle bindings and THAT completely unique metal plate style logo. It's completely like nothing else we’ve ever seen, and frankly – we’re obsessed.

The vented spine

The winter 2018 collection is now on sale on the website and features some updates to previous seasons designs making it a truly special collection. The collection boasts an upgraded lining – the new soft iQ – which is an even softer fabric with antisweat wicking properties to increase horse comfort. “make your horse feel better” is the key message for the new lining. New for 2018 is the ‘Exclusiv’ range, with smaller quilt pattern and a reduced size subtle metal tag logo to the binding. Don’t worry, the much adored ‘platinum’ range is still available with the large plate logo thats very much a key part of the brand and its identify.

You can’t talk about the collections without mentioning the infamous ‘bum warmer’ quarter sheet, this season there were two styles. One modelled on the very classic feeling ‘Exclusiv’ range, and one on the ‘Platinum’ range.

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