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Henry James Saddlery - Flash Bridle- Black Leather

Henry James Saddlery - Flash Bridle- Black Leather

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This elegant flash bridle is carefully crafted from the finest English Sedgwick leather and features an anatomic headpiece which benefits from 3D padding which acts as a buffer at the base of the ear along with a central air gap which avoids contact on the last two vertebra of the neck. 

The flash noseband is well padded providing a comfortable surface against the horse’s skin and features an elegant round raised design. The flash is completely removable without leaving any visible flash loop.

The throat lash strap has been strategically integrated into the headpiece to reduce the bulk in the sensitive TMJ area and allowing for the noseband and cheek piece buckles to lie flat against the horses skin.

This bridle is made up from the Comfort 3D Air headpiece, curved browband, cheekpieces and comfort flash noseband. (Parts can be ordered separately to allow a completely customised size and fit for your horse)

  • English Sedgwick leather
  • Solid stainless steel fixings
  • Anatomically designed
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